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Our products and services are intended for propane suppliers, transportation companies, and all industries that rely on propane to run equipment and heating appliances.

Storage tanks that meet your expectations

Pro-Par Inc. is a Quebec based manufacturer committed to serving the propane industry’s needs in storage and transportation equipment. It’s employees have more than 39 years experience in design and fabrication of pressure vessels and liquid transfer systems.

  • In-house engineering
  • Strict quality control
  • Timely deliveries
  • Tanks made to your specifications
  • Proven and expandable designs
  • US & CAN materials – Canadian made

Proud partners for 40 years and counting!

Propane is increasingly gaining ground in the industrial market for its many advantages:

Environmentally friendly

Propane is non-toxic and non-polluting, and generates less greenhouse gases than other types of fuel.


Propane is an abundantly available energy source that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Easy to transport

Propane can be stored, transported and used virtually anywhere, and has an unlimited shelf life because it does not deteriorate over time.

Economical and efficient

In addition to its longer lifespan, propane makes for outstanding efficiency, given that propane-powered appliances consume less energy.

Pro-Par draws on years of expertise to bring you safe, reliable and durable products. Our storage tank manufacturing is held to stringent standards, so that you can use and carry propane with complete peace of mind. We use superior quality materials and rigorous manufacturing and repair methods in order to deliver puncture-resistant and leak-proof products that require a minimum of maintenance.

Our Products

LPG domestic tanks-and propane dispensers

LPG storage tanks

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LPG bobtails and highway tanks

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Our Services

Tank refurbishment

Tank refurbishment

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Storage tanks-and modular plant fabrication

Modular plant fabrication

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Custom tanks-and steel fabrication

Custom tanks and steel fabrication

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